Do you ever hire escort? If yes share your experience?


A. Yes. Not an escort but this happened in a spa. A friend of mine shared this experience with me. It’s actually a funny story.

Me and a few of my friends were discussing how this IT life was drowning us out of all the energy and time. We were always exhausted, hardly ever partied, had body aches, just work, sleep, eat, repeat…that kinda thing. So another friend who just bought a new smartphone was telling us about this pretty cool app which gave spa discounts. We were excited to try it out! So we went there and had a good massage and all that. Dull story.

But a few days later, the same friend took out another friend for his birthday. They decided to have a good, relaxing massage and then go on to their birthday dinner treat. So they went ahead, changed and were waiting for the masseuse. No sooner were they into their respective rooms, the lady with the birthday boy started dropping hints. A touch here, a caress there. He was shocked but at the same time excited! He didn’t say a word. He let her do whatever she was doing. She then whispered slowly, “We provide all type of services”. It was confirmed then! The man, he was the happiest man that day, thought to himself, birthday sex it was going to be! They discussed the charges and it was a prepaid cash only deal. As he brought his wallet out, to his surprise and utter dismay, he was out of cash! Only about a few 100 rupee bills lay there, insufficient for the service! He pleaded, I’ll pay by my online wallet or card, but to no avail! The lady didn’t budge and our saddened friend had to go home, lifeless. And it went without saying, when we got to know about all of this we roared with laughter for about a few months.

P.S. : He could’ve used the little amount he had to get some small kind of a ‘service’ instead of a complete ‘massage’.

Let me know if you find this funny! I’ll pass on your condolences to our poor birthday boy. Haha!

Much love,

B. About 10 years ago I took my wife to Las Vegas for a week. We had talked about hiring an escort for a threesome, usually joking about it but there was a definite under undercurrent of seriousness. When we got there, I used my laptop to look up a few services and asked her what she thought about them. She looked through several and made remarks that showed teasing interest.

Then she asked it there were any men. This surprised me because we'd never talked about having a threesome with another guy. I found some and she took a more serious interest. Suddenly she said, "Him. I found him. I want him. Let's hire him." I knew she was not joking. It took quite a while because the service needed to verify me which made me nervous because they actually called work to verify I wasn't lying.

I made the appointment then asked her what she had in mind for our threesome. That's when things took an unexpected turn. She said she was not sure she wanted a threesome this time; maybe next time. What she wanted was to have him one on one first.

When he got to our room he wasted no time getting down to business. He just straight out asked what we wanted. She told him and he said to me that it would be best if I sat down in the upholstered chair. It was an amazing thing to watch. He was quite adept at breaking the ice with her and calming her nerves. He spent quite a bit of time sweet talking and flattering her. I could tell he was lying but she was almost star struck.

Once they were naked and in bed, she melting into his arms. He was excellent with his foreplay but the most remarkable thing he did was to put on his condom so smoothly that I don't think she even noticed. That was unsettling; did that mean she would have had sex with him bareback? Once they got down to the actual fucking I had this strange out of body like experience. I mean I knew it was my wife fucking this young man but she was enjoying herself so immensely that I wasn't jealous. In fact I was proud of myself for handling the details.

The fucking went on for the longest time. It was interesting how he paced himself to her needs. I honestly wanted her to enjoy herself and not worry about my reaction; as much as I loved watching, I was careful not to look at her face too closely because I didn't want to catch her eyes and cause a distraction. She was so wrapped up in her own world that I don't think she would have noticed if I left the room. I did notice that her face was turning red. I'd never seen her do that before.

Then I heard her breathing change and saw her tensing then her breathing became panting. She doesn't like swear words so I was shocked when I heard her, "Oh God, I'm going to cum. Fuck me it's fuck me, fuck me hard I'm, oh yes yes!" That's when I felt uneasy and inadequate. She told me her first husband never gave her a single orgasm; he simply didn't care. I loved giving her orgasms. I did oral on her a couple times a month. When we had sex, well to be honest I did not have this young man's stamina. I had my orgasm then I would finger her until she got hers. This was the first time she climaxed from fucking and she was exhausted.

She and I had sex a few times later that week and it was just like we always did it. She told me she loved me like usual. When we got back home, everything was normal. As for the young man from the escort service, it was don't ask, don't tell. I wanted to ask her but I wasn't sure I wanted to hear her thoughts. Some months later, out of the blue, she said, "You know I never did thank you for that afternoon in Las Vegas, I really appreciate what you did for me."

When we got ready to plan our next trip to Las Vegas, I asked her what she would think about hiring another escort. She said maybe we should hire one for me. I told her that I was happy with what we'd done last year.

C. Yes.

I am from India and was travelling to the UK for an exhibition.

On the last day of the exhibition, I returned to the hotel after dinner with a client that I met there. I was not feeling very sleepy and decided to roam around a bit. I was walking and saw a flyer of a local strip club. I took a cab and ended up to that place. It was the first time that I saw white girls naked in real. My jaw dropped towards the ground. As soon as I sat, some rude waitress came and asked me what would I like to drink. A minute later some girl with heavy makeup and killer body came and sat right next to me. She had a wine glass in her hand, and she whispered in my ears asking if I would like to have a dance. For £20, I was taken to a more private room. She started dancing and stripping. I have never experienced such a thing. While she was grinding me, I touched her boobs. She brushed it off immediately and told me “no touching”. Those were the shortest 3–4 minutes of my life.

I went and ordered another drink and called another lady. Took a couple of more dances. Within a matter of an hour, I blew a week’s worth of my salary. But I was unable to control. I finally left the club, but I was charged up and was feeling extremely horny. I decided to go back to the room and beat it off.

By the time I reached the room, I was feeling out of control. I wanted to fuck someone. I got on the internet and searched for local escorts in “CITY”. A lot of agencies came up. I called the first one and was told £250 Outcall for one hour, and the girl will come to the room in 45minutes. £250 was way too steep for me, and when I asked for a discount, I was told no. When I begged, they hung up. I cursed myself for spending money at the strip club.

I came across another website which looked little private. Saw a little heavy girl but when I saw rates, they were just £60 for 30mins incall. I called the number, and a sleepy voice replied. I got straight to the point, and she told me when I want to come. I said now, and she thought for a minute and then said okay but she would need 1hour.

That one hour was pretty difficult. I left the hotel immediately and reached her place within 10minutes. Now I stood outside thinking how do I kill time? I was nervous and excited at the same time. I sat down on a corner waiting for the hour to run out. After 40minutes, I gave her a call, and she said “Oh you are already here? Please give me some more time” Exactly 8minutes later she called and told me to come. I knocked as there was no bell.

The girl opened the door, and she looked little plumper than her picture. She was wearing black translucent lingerie which left little to the imagination. I wouldn't even look at a girl like this on the street, but here I was paying to fuck her. I was taken to a very neat and clean room. She asked me if I would like water? I said no. She then extended her hand and said “£60 for 30mins my love”. I took out the money from my wallet and gave it to her. She didn't bother counting and took out a timer from the drawer and set it for 30mins. She came forward, hugged me and then took off my shirt.

I came twice, and before I tried coming for the 3rd time, the timer went off. I was sucking her nipples, and as soon as the alarm rang, she whispered “Ok, ok, easy now” and pushed my head away. She then asked me if I would like to turn this into a one-hour session for £40 extra? I said I have only £20 right now in the wallet. She got up and told me to get dressed. I asked if £20 would give me 15mins? She straight away said no. I then begged, and she finally said: “okay my love, £20 for 10more minutes”. I was asked to give her the money first. That completely killed the momentum and spoiled the mood. The 10mins flew by, and she once again pushed me away gently and told me to get dressed.

Back at the hotel, I felt like shit. I couldn't believe what I had done. When I came back to my senses a bit, I cried a little. I had a flight next day, and I was depressed throughout.

D. Yes.

It was a positive experience.

But first a bit about myself.

I had been firm believer in Christianity for over 40 years. I prayed, I fasted, I went to church, I believed I had a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. But something was lacking in my life.

Ever since I was young, I had a deep desire for sex. I fought against it. Prayed against it. But to no avail.

I went out with girls but in my Christian culture, premarital sex was prohibited. I was a bit nervous and ill at ease with girls that I really had a crush on. I think a lot of girls sensed my lack of confidence and despised me for it.

The Christian girls that I met were not really pleasant people. A few of them were rude and condescending.

Religion tries to teach you to look at the world through rose tinted glasses.

Then a series of family tragedies happened in my family. I prayed. I wept. But people still died. Part of me died when this happened. There was no feeling of comfort from God, the Holy Spirit. Just emptiness.

One day, a friend of mine asked me to go on a trip to him to Thailand. As part of the trip, we visited a brothel.

I had been brought up to hate brothels and despise prostitutes. Having sex with a prostitute was the worst sin. It would grieve the Holy Spirit.

The brothel looked like an upmarket 5 star hotel located in the city itself.

We got there during lunch time. A few girls paraded before us. Some of them were exceptionally beautiful but this seems so weird. There was a girl I liked but she seemed annoyed as her friends were going for lunch while she stayed back to service me. She was beautiful but she didn’t provide a good service and I ended the session when I lost sexual interest in her. She looked bored and kept on looking at the clock.

The mamasan looked a bit alarmed when we came down early and asked me what was wrong. I didn’t say anything out of respect to the girl. She could see I wasn’t satisfied so she asked me to come back the next day.

I came back the next day without my friend. I arrived at 6.30pm. The place was crowded with a lot of girls. The mamasan welcomed me like the prodigal son. She smiled sat me down and arranged for 30 girls to parade in front of me.

I felt like a 3 year old kid who had been given the keys to the candy store. It was the best feeling in my life. I was horny and I was going to fuck. Wow.

I felt it was like Christmas x 10. So many girls who should I choose? Some of the girls including the one I had seen earlier looked like they were simply in a que.

The mamasan helped me choose the girl. I choose two girls who looked exceptionally happy to see me.

The two girls were friends. I was exceptionally attracted to one of them. A cute woman named Lyon (like a lion). She looked at me with the look of love your girlfriend gave to you when you first meet. The other one, Mook, was a bit taller ; she pleased me by her exuberance. Both were slim, slender and attractive.

The mamasan let me have the “Presidential” suite. A big classy room with a big oval bed and a bath tub and it had a lot of mirrors. Once inside the girls got naked and took off my clothes and kissed me on my neck. They also played with my penis to get it hard. One of them checked it to make sure it was clean. Together they washed me in the bath, taking turns to rub their naked glistening bodies against mine. Then they dried me with a towel and we lay on the bed to make love. The smaller girl took charge. Pretty soon I had two naked pretty women rubbing their bodies on me. I lost my virginity to Lyon that night. I was a bit sad about it. But I got over it after they both gave me a blow job together. It cost me US$240 for that 90 minutes in heaven with Lyon and Mook. I tipped them both afterwards. Should have tried to get Lyon’s phone number. She spoke good English and I connected with her.

I had a good sleep that night when I got back to my hotel. I felt good.

When I got back home, I looked up the escort reviews and rang up an agency. It used dodgy photos. But I didn’t know about it at that time.

I rang up the agency and asked for a girl, pretty, slim and slender. They sent me Iris. Its been several years but I’ll still remember the look on her face, her grin, when she saw me. I got hard straight away. I was the happiest guy in the world that night. We made love like I had dreamed it should be.

I got her details and we met up a few more times. I took her on a few dates. We had a quarrel and patched things up. And then I went overseas and the relationship ended.

I hired more escorts and had some incredible sex and conversations. I also had a few not so good moments. But in general I found most of the escorts to be pleasant, polite, professional and they met my needs. They’re just girls who like sex and want to be paid for it. What’s wrong about that?

I stopped going to church afterwards. I threw out my religious books. My only regret is I didn’t do this much earlier in my life.


E. I started seeing prostitutes in 2001 on a vacation to a jurisdiction where the police mostly tolerated it, even though it was technically illegal. They didn’t care because the public didn’t either. In this context, I was able to indulge without fear, and it was obvious to me that the girls weren’t being taken advantage of, at least not in the places I visited. Funnily, there were even statistics to back that up; I like researching before I do new things. In this jurisdiction at the time the most common method of seeing a working girl was the use of a ‘bathhouse’ which might as well have been called a brothel, since there was no attempt to hide their function beyond the euphemistic designation.

This is actually how I lost my virginity. Approaching women for romance causes a bone-chilling, deep, and completely irrational fear which never went away with repeated attempts. The equally irrational shame and self-recrimination that haunts me for days after each rejection is also hard to overcome and tiring. So, prostitutes.

For several years I visited the bathhouses, where sex was uncomplicated and held no interpersonal fear for me. Then at one point the bathouses collapsed and independent escorts took over the market because of a change in the law (which was better for the providers, and therefore better for me); the women had better legal protections and could more easily be sole proprietors, so they did. That is where I will start my stories, because I didn’t visit anyone you’d call a proper escort until that time. I will highlight four experiences that are emblematic of my time with escorts.

You should understand that the system at the time was fairly primitive compared to today. The provider sites were little better than Geocities, with only one or two aggregation sites that listed providers by city/region. The review system was weak, and you often got ladies advertising with fake pictures.

For my first experience, I picked out a woman of Indian ethnicity who worked near where I stayed. I took the buss there and arrived at her flat, which was a very small 2-story apartment complex. I waited around for a few minutes, idly wondering if I’d spy her last client slipping out the door, but no one emerged. I went up and rang the door bell. An Indian girl in a simple gown answered, but not the one in the picture. I was prepared for that, but she was attractive, although slightly larger than her fake pictures; I wasn’t turned off, so I went inside when she invited me.

“Your pictures look a bit different,” I said, low-key calling her out on her subterfuge.

She rolled her eyes and said, “Yeah, I don’t know why that site does that.” Right. But I was horny and her duplicity didn’t really bother me much. It turned out to be a red flag though.

The routine she used differed little from the bathhouses I’d visited (massage followed by sexual petting), except i didn’t take a shower (she didn’t offer). She started kissing me, which was the biggest difference from the bathhouses, where few women would kiss you at all. Unfortunately, she tasted of lunch rather than lust. I almost laughed, since I detected Indian on her tongue. I told her that I only wanted a blowjob, probably because I was more attracted to her face than her body.

She asked, “Why, baby?”

“Don’t feel like it,” I said, and kept kissing her. Not that that part was very fun with the food taste. Meh.

I’m ambivalent about what happened next. Despite my request, she ended up mounting me in cowgirl. I just went with it and had an orgasm within a few minutes. It wasn’t anything to write home about. I suppose the fact that I hadn’t showered at her place, even though I was thoroughly clean, may have played a part in her actions. I felt mildly annoyed, but on a technical level I don’t really know if what she did was a legal problem. After all, I could have moved her off me at any point and chose not to do so. If it was my hygiene, which I’d taken care of, she should have offered a shower. You’d figure a covered blowjob would be less mental and physical stress than vaginal sex, but I could be wrong; it’s not like I’ve ever given one before. I wonder if it made her feel ugly that I didn’t want to be inside her, and so she needed to prove something. Who knows?

I’m sure if the genders were reversed most would be crying foul. I can’t even muster minor annoyance at the memory anymore, except that I didn’t get my blowjob. That part sucked — or rather it didn’t.

I’d paid her $150 for that. In that market, it was just below the average fee, which was around $175 at the time. It amounted to expensive masturbation.

Because I’d had good experiences before, I didn’t let that one stop me from seeing other ladies. Another woman charged me $220/hr, and she was markedly better. Her body was great, a stacked European with a somewhat posh persona. She called me “darling” all the time, almost in the way you expect a socialite to say it. Her hands were warm, her mouth eager. She showed me how good being kissed on the face could feel, rather than just frenching, fun as that is. And she gave divine boob jobs. Very slippery. I paid a total of four hours for her company while I was in town.

A while after that, I visited a lady who I found out later was a gamer, like me. An extreme WOW freak. We totally clicked, and she showed me how good another’s passion can feel; it didn’t matter whether it was fake because it felt real. She was extremely cuddly, an aspect I enjoyed, and we had a great conversation afterward. If it hadn’t been for the circumstance, I’d have gotten to know her as just a friend outside the business, but I thought that would be unwise, even though it would have been an online thing given the distances involved. I’d paid her $175/hr.

The last encounter I’ll relate happened years later. In some ways she was the best working girl I’d ever visited, even though I didn’t click with her as much as the previous lady. Up to this point, she’s the most attractive person I’ve had sex with — and the most open to fantasy. She was a 28-year-old mom, and you’d never know she’d had a kid. Her body was so good without clothes on I wondered if she’d stepped out of the pages of Perfect 10 or Playboy. Every time I asked her to do something — change position, talk dirty, etc. — I’d experience a fierce hit of dopamine in my brain. Good God! She’s retired now, but I still have her dirty text messages, which are only dirty because of topic, rather than the words she used, but I treasure them anyway. I’d paid her $180/hr.

My experiences were mostly positive, in roughly the ratio I expressed here. Sometimes it was cold and mechanical, but mostly it was warm and friendly. Because of my personal issues, my life has been enriched by escorts. If you have an easy time with the getting partners, it may not profit you anything to go to escorts. But if you are like me, the intimate human contact good escorts provide is like therapy. More than one escort has told me that, in fact. A lot of them are proud of that, and I think they should be.

F. Shortly after my 30th birthday, a very attractive lady knocked on my door.

That never happens to me, so I was stunned

It turned out that my colleagues from work had found out that I was a virgin and wanted to give me a birthday present. But I’m not into that sort of thing, so I apologized to her and explained that this wasn’t my idea, and that I wanted nothing to do with it.

She got visibly annoyed and insisted that I let her come in, because her services had all been paid for. So after a while, I finally relented and let her in.

She’d been paid for an hour. So I poured something to drink and made sandwiches for us. And then we sat in my kitchen for an hour, talking about music and politics. And that was all right because she had a lot of interests in those areas.

Then she thanked me for the chat and left. And I quit my job because I’d completely lost all respect for the “friends” who’d assumed that I was the kind of person to sleep with prostitutes. I didn’t want to have to be around people like that at work every day.

So, I’m still a virgin at 42. It’s a miserable way to live, but at least refusing to sleep with a paid woman is one of the few things I have no regrets about.

J. Yes. I have had sex with 12–15 of them in my life and the experience was almost always very satisfying and very fun.

I got to live out several of my fantasies that I couldn't make happen at the time with regular women, such as threesomes. Doing so gave me an incredible amount of confidence that I then used to build upon further down the line.

For instance, when I would interact with women on dates later in life, I knew I had had sex with hot women before (and already done things I dreamed of), so these things weren't on my mind as much. I could actually relax around women a little.

You have to understand, I had so little confidence in life from being bullied and made fun of, that I needed those experiences with escorts to begin to feel worthy as a man, and not feel as needy around women that I would want to potentially date.

Also, I never contracted anything from an escort. I cannot say the same about women I slept with who I dated later in life. In fact, I might argue it's safer sleeping with escorts in some cases such as mine - protection was always used with escorts - as opposed to many women I've dated who have had unprotected sex with men that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, and I paid for interacting with those women by contracting STDs from them.

So to say that escorts have their place in society would be a yes for me - it was very formative in my growth and developing confidence in a young man obsessed with wanting some sexual experience under his belt in a fun, safe environment.

K. I have hired over 1000 escort over the span of 5 years for my conquest. It started after I left my ex for cheating on me. It would have been faster but there wasn’t so many good looking ones to go around.

It has cost me quite a lot of money but I it has also enable me to experience things most man would only dream off or imagine. Having sex with so many gorgeous and beautiful women is an experience I would never forget even though if they were are all escorts.

In that 1000 I have met the good and the bad and the evil. But every girl is a different feeling all together. Once I was recommended by the agency to hired a trio from china which consist of mother, daughter and sister. When they walked out I immediately told their agency that I am interested.

The mother was a real milf at and her daughters all had her facial features. The youngest daughter had just turned 18 which her eldest daughter was 22. Their mother negotiated a 3k deal with me.

The sex was fun although I did find having 3 girls is a little too busy for me. But it was an unforgettable experience seeing their faces especially the mother when I fcuked her daughters. She looked more horny then angry watching me do her daughters. I ended up leaving a little bit of my seed in each of them and left soon after. I have not met them since.

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